What is 1Loan?

1Loan is our debt consolidation loan for simplifying pesky debts.

If you've got a couple of loans or store card balances hanging around that you’d love to sort out, you could bundle them into a Police Credit Union 1Loan – making your life easier and maybe leaving you with some extra cash each payday.

One repayment date, one amount and one outstanding balance.

With no penalties or fees for extra payments, you can start the journey towards being in control and debt free.

What kind of debt can be consolidated?

It’s easy to collect multiple debts over time… a credit card here, a store card there, the tempting buy-now-pay-later plans, and maybe a car loan too.

All of these can be consolidated into 1Loan.


What this means for you

Reduced loan repayments

If you've got high-interest debt you can bundle them up at a lower interest rate meaning your minimum repayment is smaller.

Or... pay it off sooner

Keep making the same repayments and you could pay your debt off faster!

Plan your next journey

With all your debt in 1loan, you can set your sights for your best financial future.

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Could 1Loan make a difference for you?

If you’re curious about whether 1Loan could make a difference for your situation, check out Sorted’s debt calculator to get an idea on if it could be right for you:

1. Click here to use the calculator

2. Add in any debt you have.

3. Find out how much interest your debt will cost, and how long it'll take to pay back.

4. Try the calculator again with one rolled-up loan amount at 12.95% p.a. for 5 years and see if 1Loan could save you time and money.

Want to apply?

If you’re ready to stress less about your debts and start the journey towards being in control and debt free, we’re here to get you sorted! You can either:

  • Fill out the below form and we'll be in touch!
  • Email us at nzdf.members@policecu.org.nz to let us know you're interested.

Interest rates and fees


Interest Rates:

Personal Loan Interest Rate p.a.
Secured by motor vehicle 12.95%
Unsecured up to a maximum of $10,000 17.00%




Fee Amount
Establishment fee $100
Change fee $50


The fine print

Normal lending criteria and a $100 establishment fee applies to all new loans.

See our Terms, Conditions, and Loan Agreements.