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About us

We're a credit union where membership is exclusive to Police and their families, and is free to join. Initially created to meet the borrowing needs of Police and their families, today we offer a comprehensive range of banking services to meet the needs of our members in today's world. As we are owned by our Members we look to do what's right for our Owners, not what will make us the most money.

We regularly assist members to successfully manage their money. We assisted a member who was struggling with over $50,000 of debt. It started with buying furnishings and appliances, then a car, and then the credit cards were used just to get from one day to the next, before finally borrowing from their elderly parents to cover monthly loan repayments. We restructured all their debts into a secured loan by repaying all the finance companies, banks, credit cards and their parents, which will result in them being debt free in less than 3 years!

We are committed to your financial well-being, and we ensure you get the best options whether it’s for your savings or borrowing needs, so you can achieve the things you want:

  •  Savings Accounts and Term Deposits that are designed to help you grow your savings faster 

  •  Borrowing options to fulfil your dreams, or helping to manage your existing debts

  •  Personal financial well-being by helping you manage your money so you can make better financial decisions and achieve your goals

As a Member of the Police and Families Credit Union you are encouraged to participate and have a say in how we are being run - from nominating and electing Directors and Trustees, attending the AGM and providing feedback on our products and services.

Members use the Police and Families Credit Union to save their money, in effect, helping us to make loans to other members - we call this Police helping Police.

To find out more about our solutions, have a look around this website, email, or call our friendly team on 0800 429 000.