100% of our profits go back to creating more benefits and better services for our members. Because we don’t have to worry about making lots of money for external shareholders, we do what’s right for you.


Our team

We are a team of financial specialists. We understand police life and our diverse experience makes us well positioned to help you achieve your goals.

Meet our people

When a member came to us with over $50,000 of debt, built over years of shuffling money from one place to another, we first reviewed their financial needs before helping them restructure their debts into one secured loan, at a much lower rate. They were debt free in less than 3 years.

"It's a great feeling when you have been able to relieve some financial pressure for a member so quickly and easily - you know you're making a real difference to their life."

We are shaped by our members

Members nominate and elect Directors and may attend our Annual General Meeting and give feedback on our products. This keeps us focused on the needs of our members and enables us to deliver fit for purpose services.