New Debit Mastercard

We’re excited to announce that our new Debit Mastercard will be available by the end of the year!

We’ve listened to your feedback and are making a bunch of upgrades, including:

  • Easily set your card PIN in our mobile banking app – no more need to go to a branch!
  • Linking your Police Credit Union card to Apple and Google Pay for seamless transactions
  • 3DS Security so you can shop with confidence at merchants that only accept 3DS.
  • A slightly altered card design to make it easier to distinguish between your old card and your new one
  • A direction notch and braille to make it easier for vision-impaired members to identify and swipe or dip their card.

Already got a card and wondering what it means for you? No worries, we’ll be in touch as we head closer to launch with all the info you’ll need for a smooth transition.