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June Update from our Chief Executive

3 Jun 2015

In my mind, being a member owned organisation it is even more important that we ask, hear and then act on what our owners have to say. I am delighted that over 550 members took the time to complete the survey. The results show 92% rated the overall service you receive as either excellent or very good.

As our Chairman highlighted in the last issue we have 2 Directorships and 1 Trustee position contestable this year. The strength of a member owned organisation is that you, our members, can nominate and vote for Directors and Trustees to our Board - giving you a real say in how your Credit Union is governed. Further information on the Board Elections is within this issue.

In the current economic climate of tumbling interest rates, we are committed to help our members that have debt at higher interest rates elsewhere to restructure that debt into one Credit Union loan and therefore getting them out of debt faster. We are also focussed on helping our members save towards their goals and for those members with nest eggs, we look to provide a higher rate of return on their investments than they can access through a Bank. This is the strength of a co-operative - this is the benefit of the Police and Families Credit Union.

As always, if you have any feedback, please contact me direct on 04 471 4850 or email

Take care