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August 2017 Update from our Chief Executive

1 Aug 2017

Welcome to August’s edition of Bluenotes. As you know, it is critical that we listen to you, our members and ensure that we deliver the very best solutions to you that we can within our means.

We have heard from you about the frustrations you have encountered with our Debit Mastercard and are excited to confirm that we are launching a brand new Debit Mastercard which will replace your existing card and will give you a far better and consistent experience.

For those members that have an existing active Debit Mastercard, we are working very hard to have this brand new card in your hands by the end of August/beginning of September. This will necessitate you going into your nearest Westpac branch to re-PIN your card. The good news is your PIN number in the future will be carried over to your next renewed card, so unless you lose your card, you will never have to re-PIN it again.

We will continue during the course of this year to profile scholarship recipients. I would encourage you to take some time to read their stories - they are remarkable. Our scholarship programme opens for applications in December of each year - and this December the Board has increased the number of scholarships available from 25 to 60. Full details will be in December’s Bluenotes.

I’m sure you’ve seen, as I have in my local suburb, all the elections hoardings being erected. No doubt all the promises and grandiose ideas will be coming out soon as the political parties release more and more of their policies. Whilst I always find it a challenge to completely understand the full ramifications of their policies, what I do value is my right to vote. Whilst I may or may not like the final result, I see voting as a privilege and my obligation in a democratic society.

As always, if you have any feedback, please contact me direct on 04 471 4850 or email

Take care