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April update from our Chief Executive

5 Apr 2017

We’ve seen executive orders being legally challenged, we’ve been told of spying on Trump Tower, we are presently watching the investigation into Russian ties and contacts, another executive order has been signed to roll back environmental protections and policies and, Mr Trump has only been President for 3 months. Perhaps his greatest contribution so far is the addition of the phrase “fake news” to everyone’s vocabulary?

Added to this uncertainly we have the Scots wanting to have another referendum about whether to leave the United Kingdom in reaction to Brexit, war continues across the globe and citizens of many countries including our own, continue to protest about human rights and equality issues.

At your Credit Union it’s been a lot less controversial and far calmer! We are delighted to be able to help all of our members with their financial needs - from sharp interest rates on loans to great savings accounts and term investments. Our financial capability programme - Police Moneywise has started again this year. Have a look inside this issue of Bluenotes for further details.

Police Moneywise positively impacted many members last year and we look forward to the same benefits for our members who choose to participate this year.

This month you will see on your statement the opportunity for you to participate in our annual survey. This survey is really important for us - your Credit Union, as it will help us understand what is important for you in the next 12 months. The survey will only take you a couple of minutes but will provide us with valuable feedback, and of course you go into the draw to win an iPad Mini.

As always, if you have any feedback, please contact me direct on 04 471 4850 or email

Take care