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Money Penny

Is Interest Free Really Interest Free?

1 Dec 2015

We see it advertised everywhere around us – buy now, pay later, no interest. So what are the pitfalls?

Think Before You Borrow

28 Sep 2015

Nowadays, it’s very easy to borrow money for almost anything you fancy. Be it a holiday, new car, or a night out with some friends. If you need money, odds are you’ll be able to borrow from somewhere.

Lending responsibly to Members

31 Jul 2015

On the 6th of June, the amended Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 was enacted and alongside this the Responsible Lending Code came into effect.

Saving for retirement

10 Jul 2015

Now that I work in finance, I find myself thinking more and more about my retirement plan.

Pay Day or Save Day?

21 Apr 2015

Having a savings account can be a bit daunting. There’s pressure to put a decent chunk of money in each pay day, but that’s not always possible.

Managing your debt

21 Apr 2015

With all the different finance options, it can be very easy to get into debt.

How Compounding Interest Helps You

1 Dec 2014

'A little goes a long way.' 'Just start with five dollars!' 'Put something aside every pay!' I don't know about you, but I've been hearing variations of these phrases for years.

Scams? Phishing?

7 Oct 2014

Scams! Something we hear about all too often but are convinced will never happen to us. Unfortunately, they are happening all the time, and can sometimes be difficult to identify.

Are free offers really free?

7 Oct 2014

Fine Print. It’s very sneaky. The problem is that with the ease of online purchasing, we can become susceptible to the eye-catching ‘Free Trial’ scam.

Does it feel like you have no money left straight after pay day?

7 Oct 2014

Budgets - you either love them or hate them. Me, I was firmly in the latter category. I couldn’t stand having to figure out where every cent of my money went.

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