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What is Police Moneywise?

1 Jun 2016

Police Moneywise is a financial capability course that is a joint initiative between Police and Families Credit Union and the NZ Police, which will initially provide free financial capability courses for all police employees, with participation being voluntary and free.

This course is for everyday people wanting to take control of their finances. It provides participants with impartial and relevant information. The course doesn’t provide personal financial advice or sell or market any financial services, products or organisations.

The Credit Union has partnered with the Commission for Financial Capability and their Sorted Workplace Course to create the Police Moneywise Course. The Commission is an independent Crown Entity formerly known as the Retirement Commission. The Commission’s affiliated facilitators deliver the course - they are independent along with the course content and not aligned to any financial products, services or organisations.

The Police Moneywise Course is available to all Police Districts, Service Centres, Police National Headquarters, Communication Centres and the Royal New Zealand Police College during 2016. Police personnel requiring further information about the course can visit the NZ Police intranet site under Police Moneywise Course.

Dependent on demand the Police Moneywise Course will continue through until 2018 at which stage other Credit Union members will be invited to participate.

Stay safe out there!

Talk soon . . .

Money Penney