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Money Penny

Tackling Debt

1 Aug 2017

Throughout the year debt can certainly mount up and become a real drain on your income - meaning your money is working for someone else, rather than you.

Understanding The Fine Print

1 Jun 2017

There has been a considerable amount of advertising lately around getting vehicles on interest free or low interest rate terms, or buy now, pay later finance options.

The Secret of Compounding Interest!

5 Apr 2017

When it comes to compounding interest the earlier you start saving - the more you make. Even saving a small amount of money each week, along with the benefit of compounding interest can really turn your savings into something...

Take Control of your debt

31 Jan 2017

Throughout the Christmas and New Year period you can sometimes find yourself building up more debt than you expect. You may find that you have experienced a credit card blow out over the holiday period. Or, that the hire...

Cyber Crime

30 Nov 2016

Cyber Crime has become a constant and evolving threat to our everyday lives!

Scams and more scams

3 Oct 2016

Scams! They are happening all the time and when we least expect them. Recently the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) released a real life story about a chartered accountant who we will call ‘John’. Despite being an...

Be SMART with your money

15 Sep 2016

Learning to be a regular saver is a giant leap towards having enough money for the things we want.

What is Police Moneywise?

1 Jun 2016

Police Moneywise is a financial capability course that is a joint initiative between Police and Families Credit Union and the NZ Police, which will initially provide free financial capability courses for all police employees,...

To Invest, Or Not To Invest?

1 Apr 2016

There are many different types of investments out there, and figuring out the best investments for you personally can be tricky.

Debt Consolidation

29 Jan 2016

As fun as the holidays are, they can sometimes bring a whole bunch of problems – family spats, long distance travel, and over indulgence with pavlova. Luckily, most of these problems can be solved with a bit of space, shared...

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