What our Members Say

What our members have to say

J Ziesler

"The Police and Families Credit Union has helped me out many times during my career. I initially used our Credit Union while at College, and have used them on and off ever since.

The Credit Union phones are always answered in a timely manner, and my requests are acted on straight away.

I use the Transactional Account as a separate savings account, which is very easy as it is taken straight from my pay. I also have a Christmas Club account which is great, as it pays for my Christmas presents for the family and summer petrol money - again easy as it is taken from my pay.

I have utilised our Credit Union personal loans multiple times. One in particular that I will always remember is:

My wife and I had purchased a house subject to selling ours, however the cash out clause was invoked so we needed a deposit ASAP. After being mucked around by our primary bank, I was left with about 6 hours to pay the deposit before it got sold to someone paying $80k more.

One quick phone call to our Credit Union and I had the money in my account by the end of the day.

There is no doubt in my mind, if the Credit Union didn't act and be so willing to assist me, we would have missed out on our house.

Thanks Police and Families Credit Union for all your assistance and keep up the great service!

K Robertson

"Awesome people doing an awesome job!" 

K Tiernan

"I have been a member since I joined the Police in 1985 and have always been very happy with the service I have received, and the Internet Banking system is straight forward and user friendly." 

J Ziesler 

"Very easy to deal with - you have helped me out many times. :)"

B Daw

"A friendly organisation that is there to help"

C Shaw 

"Keep up the outstanding work!!"

H White

"Great service and great staff - thank you."

S Fay

"Thank you so much for all your help with everything over the past few days. You have been amazing to work with!"

M Sharman

"You have all been amazing this year. Extremely helpful and approachable! All the best for 2017."

C Stewart

"You are truly a great service - your staff are amazing - thanks."

G Patchett

"Excellent customer service - prompt and efficient. Keep up the good work!"

J Smith

"Excellent service since the day I joined."

J Fraser

"Keep up the excellent service to our members."

S Anderton

"The Police and Families Credit Union leads the way in good business practice in my opinion."

S Pedersen

"Love belonging to the Credit Union and saving money by paying myself first, before I get my pay in my hand. Always had awesome service and highly recommend people join the Credit Union."

G MacFarlane

"The service and delivery from the Police and Families Credit Union has always been prompt and the process has been made effortless for me. Never any problems - thank you." 

O Griebenauw

"I am so impressed with the service provided by the Police and Families Credit Union that I will remain a loyal customer even if I were to leave the police."

N Mayo

"I have been a member of the Credit Union since the early 1970s. I have contacted the Credit Union a number of times over the years and have found your staff and the organisation to be beyond reproach. Congratulations and thank you."

L. Bright

"I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful. You've made it extremely easy throughout the process. It's been a pleasure."

B. O'Keefe

"Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent and prompt service. I wish all banks could be as easy to deal with."

S. Tai-Rakena

"I must say what an easy and efficient process this has been and commend the two ladies I have spoken to in regards to my enquiry. Thank you very much team!"

C. Tyers

"I would like to say that it is a pleasure dealing with you all at the Credit Union. You have gone out of your way to be helpful, and I have found your website a very user friendly one, which is also helpful. You are amazing!"

P. Stylianou

"Thank you very much for the prompt and professional way you have processed my requirements - it is much appreciated."

M. Stevenson

"May I take this opportunity to compliment your team on the great work that you do. My interaction with your office is somewhat infrequent but I must say when I do have contact with your office I have always found your service exemplary. Your team is always willing to help. So thank you from me and my family."

M. Cooper

"I have used the Credit Union for my banking services for many years. I like the fact that I can invest $500 as that is a very achievable amount to put aside to invest. I also use the Achiever saver when I am planning a trip overseas, or some big expenditure. I pay my bills from my Credit Union account using Internet Banking, and lately the Mobile Banking app which is so good for payments and a quick check on my accounts. I always receive good service, email any queries and get a quick and appropriate response every time. I do not envisage ever going back to a mainstream bank."

S. Sedge-McLeod

"Thank you so much for your amazing professionalism and assistance."

O. Arapai

"It is a very comforting thought that you and the Credit Union staff are always there to assist us and our families when needed. My family and in particular my daughter who is abroad really appreciate the support offered by the Credit Union. We all work hard and most often in stressful, dangerous situations and knowing I have this type of support there makes me proud and thankful."

S. Mudaliar

"Thanks for the quick response. Very happy with your services - swift process. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks to the team."

R. Aitchison

"Thank you so much for setting that up! I will have a look today at the details, but it's just so wonderful seeing it there in black and white! Certainly motivating to get cracking on it!"

G. Roache

"Thank you for all your assistance. You have always been very professional and delightful to deal with. You make what seems to be a stressful situation, easier to handle. You are a true 'credit' to the Credit Union. Thank you again for all your help."

P. Vlaanderen

"I have been using old systems to do my banking and decided it was time to up date. I contacted the Police and Families Credit Union by email to set up a AccessDebit MasterCard and Internet Banking. Within an hour I was contacted by Shaun by phone and he quickly set up my account passwords and AccessDebit MasterCard. He was fantastic to deal with. Nothing was a problem. With his assistance everything is up and running and has made my banking transactions so much more efficient. My thanks."

R. Sirl

"Thank you very much for your help and excellent customer service. We really appreciate it!"

L. McMurtrie

"Thanks so much for the prompt response and sorting this for me. Awesome service - Much appreciated!"

T.R. Feasey

"As always thank you very much for your excellent service!"

J. Lyver

"Thank you for such awesome service once again."

M. Harvey

"Thank you for a very speedy and efficient service, much appreciated."

M. J. Doocey

"Thanks very much for activating my account. This is an example of the excellent service that I have consistently received from the Police and Families Credit Union staff since the day I opened my account in 1997."

G. Hammond

"Many thanks. You guys and girls rock. We cannot believe the level of service we get from you all. Well done and keep up the great work. Thanks."

L. McNeill

"The Credit Union has been an important part of our family's banking since I joined Police in 1980. Its 'face' has changed over the years as it met the challenges of advancing technology and the needs of its members but it has always provided an efficient and friendly service for us and our needs. It is a part of the Police family that we are proud to still be part of in our 'post police' lives."

B. Loynes

"Friendly fast service - always."

L. Gronbeck

"I would just like to thank the Credit Union for helping me and my family recently for approving a loan to us in our time of an emergency and making our circumstances easier. Hats off for the quick and friendly way it was dealt with. Thank you."

J. Smith

"I reset my login for Internet banking by telephone. Best service I have ever received."

D. Overend

"I was really impressed with how quickly the team processed my request - this was much appreciated."

G. & N. Kimber

"We were in the position to mortgage the property we now live in. We approached our own bank and they asked for 5% deposit. Upon gaining this they asked for 10%. After following all directions and doing as they asked we were still declined. The Credit Union has been fantastic. A true family oriented group of people, who have family interests at heart. People not caught up in paper trays. Without their dedication and help our now 'home' would not have been possible.

We have found true happiness in our move, not only do we now have our own home, we are better off financially. Our mortgage is less than what our rent expenditure was by a lot. We have a lovely group of individuals to thank for this, all who work within the Police and Families Credit Union. They have our complete gratitude... it's all been a dream come true."

J. M. Hill

"Just opened my Account Summary and very pleased to see the maturity dates for the Term Deposits. Thank you very much for implementing my suggestion."

R. Ross

"Thanks for your prompt contact and service, you guys rock. Please pass onto the team."

W. Payne

"I just want to thank you for your hard and dedicated work. It is always great to have fantastic service from dedicated people."

N. Geeson

"Thank you. As usual the service from the Police and Families Credit Union is brilliant."

T. Gray

"I would just like to thank Bronwyne for her patience with me, and let you know that so as I am concerned she scored 150% out of 100% for her patience and tact."

K. McCarthy

"I would just like to express my thanks and appreciation for the efficiency and great performance of both the NZPA and the Police and Families Credit Union. I have never, as a customer, worked with a group as efficient as you guys. My wife and I have been very impressed."

G. Roache

"Thank you very much. Credit Union ROCKS!"

G. Tonkin

"... I have been a member for 36 years and never had any issues or problems - unlike the other financial institutions. Thank you Police and Families Credit Union!"

W. Jones

"I am a retired member - and been a member for 22 years. My wife and I are very pleased the way the Credit union works. Making our savings grow is a big incentive. Thank you to the way the Police and Families Credit Union works to our advantage."

A. Thorburn

"Police and Families Credit Union staff were professional and very helpful. Very willing to answer queries and clarify information. It was a pleasure to have someone at the other end of the phone with such integrity. Great customer service!"

A. D. Wall

"The staff at the Office couldn't be more helpful when asking for assistance. Great to be a member of the organisation."

C. McDowell

"They were extremely helpful and did the business with no fuss at all - overall a very pleasant experience. They made your company into a personal experience."

R. (B) Silk

"We joined the Police and Families Credit Union when it was first established - and are still a member after 28 years retirement. It's HASSLE FREE, interest rates are always competitive, and the staff always went the extra mile - but a key factor was peace of mind and trust."  

R. Alderton

"I have been a member of the Police and Families Credit Union for 12 years and have always received exceptional service whether it be by email or phone. Staff are always very friendly and helpful."

G. Gilpin

"I've been a member with the Police and Families Credit Union since its inception. I have always felt confident in my dealings with the Credit Union and always receive knowledgeable and helpful service from staff. Interest rates and facilities compare very favourably with other banking institutions."