My child is applying and doesn't have a PCU account, but I do. Do they need to open their own account?

Yes, they will need to submit an application to open an account with the PCU before the scholarship applications close.

If your child is successful that is where the scholarship money will be paid.

For this situation:

  1. In the Scholarship Application Form, when filling in the question 'Do you have a current account with the Police Credit Union?' your child should select 'No'.
  2. Once the Scholarship Application Form is completed, they will then need to complete the Online Join Application.
  3. In the Online Join Application, they should select 'Scholarship' for the purpose of the account.
  4. Once they've completed the form, our Member Services Team will be in touch to get verified Identification and Address details to finalise opening the account.
  5. The Online Join Application just needs to be submitted by the time Scholarship applications close. The new PCU account doesn't need to be open.

Could my siblings apply for a scholarship?

That depends - if you are eligible to be a member of the Police Credit Union because your parents or grandparents worked for Police, then your siblings are also eligible.

If you're the first person in your family to be eligible, then only your partner and your children or grandchildren are eligible to apply. Check out our eligibility criteria here.

Can my grandkids apply?


Even if your children never opened an account with PCU, your grandchildren are eligible to apply through you.

Find out more about eligibility here.

What can I apply for a scholarship for?

Financial wellbeing means different things to different people, which is why our scholarships can be used towards just about anything.

We've had applications for so many things over the years, so if you're thinking "I wonder if I could apply for this..." then the answer is "Yes, you can!"

We've awarded scholarships towards:

  • Beekeeping

  • Completing a PhD

  • Speech-language therapy

  • Learning Te Reo Māori

  • Sporting goals including training, travelling for competitions and the cost of gear

  • Attending conferences, courses and other self-development activities

  • Making a movie

  • Writing a book for self-publishing

  • University fees

  • Outdoor pursuit courses

... and just about everything in between!