CEO Update

August 2017 Update from our Chief Executive


Welcome to August’s edition of Bluenotes. As you know, it is critical that we listen to you, our members and ensure that we deliver the very best solutions to you that we can within our means.

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June 2017 Update from our Chief Executive


In our April edition of Bluenotes we included our annual member survey. Surveys continue to be an important tool for your Credit Union to understand what is going well for members and where there are opportunities for us to do...

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April update from our Chief Executive


Well it’s been an interesting year so far ...and hasn’t it gone quickly? The year started off with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America and to say it’s been a roller coaster ride for him and the...

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February update from our Chair


There is enormous amounts of work going on behind the scenes in the Credit Union industry. The Reserve Bank and other regulators such as the Financial Markets Authority are driving the industry to greater disclosure and...

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December update from our Chief Executive


What a crazy world we live in. What was considered impossible by many has happened with the British public voting to leave the European Union and the President-elect of the United States of America being Donald Trump. I’m sure...

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October update from our Chief Executive


Welcome to our October edition of Bluenotes. The Reserve Bank, in its latest Official Cash Rate announcement, predicts that interest rates will continue to remain low (and may go even lower) for the foreseeable future. I...

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August update from our CEO


Our world continues to develop, change, evolve and sometimes even revert back to a previous state faster than it has ever done before. In July alone we have seen the Brits deciding to exit the European Union, the Americans...

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