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03.12.2013 14:51 Age: 289 days

Transaction Fees

At our Annual General Meeting a question was raised around fees, and as such, we have reviewed how our transaction fees compare with the 5 major banks.

Did you know that we have only one transactional fee - the ATM fee?

This fee is charged to us by both local banks and international banks (at a higher cost of course) and then passed onto the member. The fee can of course be easily eradicated by taking cash out with your Eftpos purchase rather than at an ATM machine.

The fact that we only have one transactional fee shows our commitment to ensure that we are giving "real" benefits to our members and at the same time protecting the environment. Unlike the 5 major banks we don't need to produce multi-paged brochures to detail our fees.

The Police and Families Credit Union is not a registered bank